Walk In Wardrobes and Internals

  • Walk in Wardrobe Carcass Construction

    The power of paint! Paint your wall a darker colour to create a stunning contrast to the white walk in wardrobe.

  • Walk in Wardrobe

    There's room for lots of additional shelving in a walk in wardrobe

  • Walk in wardrobes allow more flexibility for the layout.

    The space in a Walk in Wardrobe allows for drawers and shelves to be placed together. Shelves can be adjustable if they are the standard shelf depth of 450mm.

  • A walk in wardrobe in colour board is a luxurious option

    Coloured Board is the pinnacle in materials to create your luxurious walk in wardrobe. Add chrome hanging rails and handleless drawers to complete the look.

  • There are different colour options for a coloured board walk in wardrobe

    There are a range of colours in the Polytec range to suit your design style.

  • Custom shelves in wardrobe for hat collection

    A place for everything. You can create customised shelves for your prized possessions, like this hat collection.

  • Colour coordinate your walk in wardrobe to create storage heaven

    Like any room in the house, the tidier that it is, the more desirable. Colour coordination and superior folding skills can create this look in your home!

  • We can find a solution for a tricky corner in your walk in wardrobe

    Utilise all of your space with a custom built walk in wardrobe. A tricky corner can still be valuable storage real estate and house your long or double hang clothing.

  • If there is additional height in your space, you can include an additional top shelf

    Your cupboard top shelf will usually sit at 2000mm high. Should the height be available, an additional top shelf can be added.

  • Not all wardrobes need to have drawers

    Not all wardrobes need to have drawers. Every person has different storage requirements depending on the type of clothing or items they need to store.

  • Think of your wardrobe internals as compartments when working with sliding doors

    When working with sliding doors, it's best to think of your internals as compartments aligned with the number of doors that you have.

  • Wardrobe Internals: Baskets in place of drawers

    Replace your drawers with wire baskets to increase the visibility of their contents.

  • Create a bank of drawers for incredible storage in your walk in wardrobe

    Your walk in wardrobe can accommodate multiple drawers together to create a bank of drawers - there's no excuse to have anything out with this much storage!

  • Utilise those tricky spaces with shallow shelves

    Many wardrobes have 'box outs' which take up space. By creating a design with these shallow shelves, this potentially wasted space has become a smart storage solution as a bookcase.

  • Add a tie rack to your wardrobe

    There are a small number of accessories available to add to your wardrobe, including this tie rack.

  • Add a trouser rack to your wardrobe design

    There are a small number of accessories available to add to your wardrobe, including this trouser rack.

  • The Rebel standard drawer handle is a satin box handle

    Rebel's standard drawer handle is a satin bow handle. You are welcome to supply your own handles and we can attach them.

  • Handleless drawers provide a sleeker option for your wardrobe internals

    For a sleeker look, you can choose to have your drawers as handleless at no extra cost

  • Add a full length mirror to your walk in wardrobe

    If you have a clear wall, especially at the end of your walk in wardrobe, it's the perfect place to add a full length mirror. We can do that for you!

  • Rows and rows of shelves for your ultimate shoe storage

    How would you like this shoe collection? And the shoe storage to go with it too of course!

  • More Images are Coming Soon!

    More Images are Coming Soon!