Walk In Wardrobes

When looking at the internal design of your wardrobe or walk in wardrobe, there are some keys questions to ask to determine what components will create the ideal storage solution for you.

♦  How do I store my clothes? Is my preference to have shirts hanging or do I like to fold them? The same question for pants, hanging or folded and in drawers? Or maybe stacked on shelves?

♦  Do I have a lot of shoes? Are the stored in shoe boxes or placed on a shelf on display?

♦  How about dresses? Lots of full length dresses and winter coats requiring a long hanging space?

Just as we all have our own sense of style, we all have our own requirements to store our clothes.

Put simply, your walk in wardrobe and wardrobe internals are made up of: drawers, shelves, long hanging and double hanging. That’s it!




Rebel offers four standard size drawers:

♦  458mm wide x 200mm deep (top to bottom)

♦  458mm wide x 150mm deep (top to bottom)

♦  608mm wide x 200mm deep (top to bottom)

♦  608 x 150mm deep (top to bottom)

We do offer custom size drawers up to 900mm wide however this will increase the price of your wardrobe. We recommend the selection of standard size drawers where possible.

Rebel drawers come with bow handles in satin chrome. Black handles are available on request. We also offer a handless drawer option at no additional cost.


White wire baskets are available in both 458mm and 608mm widths in lieu of drawers.

Hanging Rail

All Rebel quotes include white, round hanging rails unless requested or specified on your quote.


We can make shelves in almost any length. Smaller shelves are great for shoes and longer shelves are more suitable for linen. Generally, shelves will be situated above a set of drawers or in a bank of shelves on their own. Please note that it is recommended that shelves over 900mm in length have additional support with shelf stiffeners (available in white or black).

All wardrobe internals are 450mm deep (back to front) unless discussed and specified on your quote.

Internals Linings

Our wardrobes DO NOT include backing, sides, floors or ceilings unless discussed and specified on your quote.

Coloured Board

Standard wardrobe internals are white melamine. If budget allows, coloured board is a fantastic way to lift the look of your walk in wardrobe, accompanied by chrome or black hanging rails and drawer handles. Available in a range of stylish Laminex colours.

Call or email us today to find out how you can have your dream walk in wardrobe just the way you want it!