Choosing The Right Built In Wardrobe

Built In Wardrobes are one of the most flexible storage items in the home, you can easily customise Wardrobes exactly how you want with many available options. There are many options to choose from to get your built-in wardrobe and wardrobe storage solution just perfect for your needs. Built-In Wardrobe Design Options When it comes […]

Built in Wardrobes Perfect for Storage

Built In Wardrobes are ideal not only for bedrooms but for other areas in and around the home such as the study or the laundry. This is because they are absolutely perfect for storage. In the bedroom they can be used to hold clothes, hats, bags, shoes, jewellery, spare blankets, valuables, and much more. In […]

Buy Matching Clothes!

Best Tip For Organising Your Wardrobe and Keeping it Tidy! Try to buy things that will match. There is nothing worse than finding yourself standing in front of your wardrobe with half an outfit and nothing to match! Organising your clothes into order of how you wear them can help the decision making process and […]

How Often To Clean Your Shower Screen

It doesn’t matter what your preferred method for cleaning your shower screen is so much as how often you clean your screen. It is vital that you clean your screen regularly – at least once a week. Doing this means that soap scum, residue from shampoos and conditioners, and other grime don’t have the chance […]

Design Your Wardrobe For Easy Access

Design your wardrobe for easy access- make sure it is not too low or high for you to reach. You don’t want to be bending down low or reaching up high all the time! A custom built wardrobe solution should take advantage of the whole of the available space in your room, with the interior […]

Avoid Too Many Harsh Cleaners

It may seem like that the best thing to do is to use a strong cleaner on your shower screens to cut through the grime quickly but you are not necessarily going to do yourself any favours by doing this. Harsh cleaners such as bleach can actually damage the glass in shower screen and make […]

Custom Wardrobes In Your Home

Does any of the following strike a chord with you? You’re struggling for space and feeling like you’re overrun with items that you just can’t find a home for, no matter how many times you spring clean? Your informal lounge area has turned into a crazy kids play area and what you’d love, more than […]

What To Use To Clean Your Shower Screen

Cleaning your shower screen can be done in many ways, so you will need to find the method that best suits you. Most commonly people opt to use a special cleaning solution that is available from the local supermarket. However, if you prefer to use something with less chemicals, white vinegar is an excellent alternative. […]

Built in Wardrobes Sydney – Top Tips

Here are some top tips to get the most out of your built in wardrobes Sydney. A wardrobe will work more effectively when it’s well organised. As tempting as it is to cram everything in, pile upon pile, this is not a long term sustainable option and it’s more than likely things will be difficult […]

Wardrobe Doors Sydney – Wow Up Your Home Without The Effort!

Much like anything, a finishing touch can make all the difference in the world. Have you watched many of those home improvement shows? Quite often the home’s exterior or interior is solid, it’s just suffering aesthetically from years of neglect or wear and tear (or uncaring tenants…) If you haven’t seen a program such as […]