How to Declutter Your Wardrobe in 15 Steps

Clothing can say so much about a person; what a person is wearing can dictate the first impression you have of them. Despite that fact, sometimes people overlook the need to update their wardrobe and its contents. With the change of seasons now upon us, it’s time to consider updating and reorganising the contents of […]

10 Bathroom Renovation Slip-Ups to Avoid

Why is the smallest room in the house so often one of the most important to get right? Bathroom colours and textures may be a matter of personal taste, but the most annoying and costly problems with bathrooms invariably stem from bad design. A well-designed bathroom is a pleasure to use and adds significant value […]

Top 16 Australian Interior Decorating Blogs

Interior design and home décor blogs appear to be increasing, and are attracting quite the following. The design blog has become a new channel to showcase the latest in interiors, architecture, art, DIY, and home lifestyle, while also providing access into the lives of creative gurus. Here are 20 design hubs online that will open […]

Designing the Perfect Bedroom

Bedrooms are the silent space that speaks volumes about you. What’s nice is that they are a room just for you; or for you and your partner. No one else needs to go in there, and they rarely do. This space is yours. The bedroom is also the space to welcome intimacy and relaxation in […]

17 Strategies for Small-Space Living

Living with small spaces ultimately means you have to compromise, but that doesn’t mean going without. Thought about carefully, you can pack lots in without feeling cramped and can still enjoy style, comfort and an open feel. With soaring real estate prices, more and more people are finding themselves living in smaller homes. While there’s […]

Bath shower screens for a touch of elegance to your bathroom

Bath shower screens are a great way to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom without taking up too much space, as bath shower screens Sydney are far more compact than an enclosure. If your bathroom space is fairly limited, you will find that bath shower screens are the best choice to use in […]

Designing the right Built In Wardrobe

A well-designed, thought-out and properly designed built in wardrobe can make it much easier to find what you are looking for, and also ensure that your clothing and other items are kept in the best condition. We’ve put together a few tips to help you design the prefect built in wardrobe that suits your needs. […]

Glass Built In Wardrobe Doors Sydney

Glass wardrobe doors Sydney are a great, versatile look to complete the finishing touches on your storage solution, be it in the office, bedroom, study, bathroom or living space. Some benefits of choosing glass wardrobe doors Sydney are how aesthetically pleasing they can be: clean lines, elegant look, may mute a little of the chaos […]

Choosing The Right Built In Wardrobe

Built In Wardrobes are one of the most flexible storage items in the home, you can easily customise Wardrobes exactly how you want with many available options. There are many options to choose from to get your built-in wardrobe and wardrobe storage solution just perfect for your needs. Built-In Wardrobe Design Options When it comes […]

Built in Wardrobes Perfect for Storage

Built In Wardrobes are ideal not only for bedrooms but for other areas in and around the home such as the study or the laundry. This is because they are absolutely perfect for storage. In the bedroom they can be used to hold clothes, hats, bags, shoes, jewellery, spare blankets, valuables, and much more. In […]

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