Top 16 Australian Interior Decorating Blogs


Interior design and home décor blogs appear to be increasing, and are attracting quite the following. The design blog has become a new channel to showcase the latest in interiors, architecture, art, DIY, and home lifestyle, while also providing access into the lives of creative gurus. Here are 20 design hubs online that will open you to a wealth of ideas and allow your creative imagination to run wild.

The Design Files

1Lucy Feagins started her blog in 2008 and has been featured in numerous Australian magazines since then. She covers everything from Australian art, lifestyle, architecture, and interiors. Her interviews take us inside the lives of many people we’d like to associate with. This is a place to be inspired.

Interiors Addict

2Style without the snobbery is the catchcry of Interiors Addict. Having transitioned from a blog to an interiors news site, Jen Bishop updates Interiors Addict four times a day. Every aspect of home interiors is covered here, and more. Not only a portal of ideas, the site has become a recruitment hub too, with listings of interior design related job opportunities. A novel expansion of a blog from a small website, to a true marketing and income generating concern.

Coastal Style

3The name says it all. Think blue and white, and you’re on the money. Relax, refresh, and recharge with the soft, inviting, and welcoming nature of everything underwater. Airy and light, you can just about taste the salt and feel the sea breeze on your skin. Being here, you can relax. Interior designer Melissah Weigall shares her life by the sea, and offers consultation services to help create your comfortable retreat.

Yellow Trace

4For everything different in interiors, architecture, and art, Yellow Trace is an eclectic trace of gold. Award-winning designer, Dana Tomic Hughes provides a visual feast to satiate your imagination. With an eye for beauty, style, function, form, and funk, this self-confessed ‘design tragic’ will open your mind.

ish and chi

5Interior design, decorating, and style. Having renovated her own home, Vivian Panagos began her blog, ish and chi, after the birth of her baby. She shares her world through tours of retail outlets, residences, and architecture, combined with interviews, decorating, and style ideas. The blog is an insight into her own renovating journey. And what is ‘Ish and chi’? Short for fish and chips!

Paint Me White

6Restoring furniture is an art in itself. Sandy Palmer, a decorative painter, shares ‘before and afters’ of treasures she has found, restored, and given new life. Paint Me White allows for a sense of love extend to anything rustic, ruined, tired, and worn. Sandy also runs painting workshops. Her pieces are on show at the Woolloongaba Antique Centre.

7The Painted Hive

Need to decorate on a budget? Then The Painted Hive is for you. With how tos, before and afters, and furniture rehab included on the site, Kristine shares her tips and tricks for updating every room in your home – by yourself. For Kristine, it’s about creating your ‘hive’ just the way you like it. With links to free printables of labels and artworks, you can add some flair to your creations with no cost at all.

8Darling Street

As a fully fledged home renovator and restorer, Penny shares her journeys of home renovation and everything in between. This is an empowering ‘roll your sleeves up, do it yourself’ guide on how to restore and make the most of every object. From learning how to lay a floor, to designing a library or restaurant, there seems to be no end to what Penny can show you to do.

The Design Hunter

9Interior design, building and renovating, property styling, and e-decorating makes up the blog of the Design Hunter. With a store in Waverley and projects centred around the eastern suburbs of Sydney, there is a plethora of simple and elegant designs to absorb. The blog is a showcase for their design services. In addition, there is an opportunity for designs students to apply for an internship programme.

A Beach Cottage

10Sarah aims to help readers live a healthy, happy life. In her blog, she shares with her readers her life in a Sydney beach cottage. Beyond furnishings and home décor, Sarah also shares her world of recipes and photography tips. A Beach Cottage is a relaxed, casual, and friendly invitation to join in the DIY and renovation movement. Sarah’s blog focuses on the absence of colour – everything is mostly white. With over 55,000 Facebook likes, if you want pure, clean inspiration visit A Beach Cottage.

Absolutely Beautiful Things

11Black and Spiro is the design store of Anna Spiro. Her blog launched in 2006 as a record of her thoughts and inspirations from her interior design business. Black and Spiro is an eclectic mix of ideas from across the globe. Anna Spiro states she will always strive to be creative and extraordinary in everything she does. Her blog wishes you to live an extraordinary life too.

The Designer Man Cave12

The target for this blog is obvious. One of the few interior design sites to specifically seek out the male audience, and it’s created by a woman. Kate Abdou specialises in creating masculine spaces for gents. This is an online guide for the modern man with style, and a flair for the finer things in life – both at home and in the office.

The Room Illuminated

13Curiosity and intrigue captured Kate Hanson’s imagination and drove her to ask: “What goes on in other people’s rooms?” Part time nurse, and once an interior designer, Kate is shifting her career to photographer, writer, and self-confessed sticky beaker into other people’s worlds. Enter the room with her and be illuminated.

Get in My Home

14Based in Ballarat, this blog started in 2012 to share inspiration for smart and beautiful rooms. It was a way for Emily Osmond to capture the ideas she loves. This part-time blogger has a full-time career as a freelance web designer, copywriter, and social media and marketing consultant. Her blog shares her world and what is happening in and around Australia for interiors and new product design.

Natural Modern Interiors

15If you like the natural, recycled, and handmade, this blog is for you. As an interior designer, Lisa Coulburn is all about natural, modern, and sustainable designs. Coulburn is currently working on renovating rainforest retreats in Melany and retail outlets in Brisbane. If that’s not enough, Lisa is also about to embark on a series of e-courses and workshops to share her trade.

DIY Decorator

16This is the list! If you’re not sure where to find everything you need, this DIY directory does the hard work for you. It is all right here at your finger tips. From antiques to artworks, children’s décor, fabrics and furnishings, lighting, paint, interior design, mirrors, windows, and furniture for the outdoors, this is the interior design directory you’ll love.