How to Declutter Your Wardrobe in 15 Steps


Clothing can say so much about a person; what a person is wearing can dictate the first impression you have of them. Despite that fact, sometimes people overlook the need to update their wardrobe and its contents. With the change of seasons now upon us, it’s time to consider updating and reorganising the contents of your cupboard.

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10 Bathroom Renovation Slip-Ups to Avoid


Why is the smallest room in the house so often one of the most important to get right? Bathroom colours and textures may be a matter of personal taste, but the most annoying and costly problems with bathrooms invariably stem from bad design. A well-designed bathroom is a pleasure to use and adds significant value to a home. If you’re upgrading your bathroom, make sure you avoid these common design gaffes.
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Top 16 Australian Interior Decorating Blogs


Interior design and home décor blogs appear to be increasing, and are attracting quite the following. The design blog has become a new channel to showcase the latest in interiors, architecture, art, DIY, and home lifestyle, while also providing access into the lives of creative gurus. Here are 20 design hubs online that will open you to a wealth of ideas and allow your creative imagination to run wild.
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Designing the Perfect Bedroom

shutterstock_137515322Bedrooms are the silent space that speaks volumes about you. What’s nice is that they are a room just for you; or for you and your partner. No one else needs to go in there, and they rarely do. This space is yours. The bedroom is also the space to welcome intimacy and relaxation in your life. Simplicity and grace in design help to create this invitation.
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17 Strategies for Small-Space Living

Rebel-Wardrobes-1aLiving with small spaces ultimately means you have to compromise, but that doesn’t mean going without. Thought about carefully, you can pack lots in without feeling cramped and can still enjoy style, comfort and an open feel.

With soaring real estate prices, more and more people are finding themselves living in smaller homes. While there’s some bad news to that, there’s good news also in that modern designs are evolving to ensure maximum storage and streamlined effects that perfectly compliment small-scale living.
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Glass Built In Wardrobe Doors Sydney

Glass wardrobe doors Sydney are a great, versatile look to complete the finishing touches on your storage solution, be it in the office, bedroom, study, bathroom or living space.

Some benefits of choosing glass wardrobe doors Sydney are how aesthetically pleasing they can be: clean lines, elegant look, may mute a little of the chaos in a wardrobe without doing away with the personal touch, keeps your precious things on show without getting them all grubby and dusty (or little hands pulling, poking, touching or dropping).

Now before your mind wanders off down the line of picturing your rather ‘creatively’ organised wardrobe, think less of a window over your existing doors and more of a stylish glass wardrobe doors Sydney solution that is both stylish and functional.

Glass wardrobe doors Sydney come in a wide variety of options allowing you to best tailor your doors to your personal taste, and the one that best befits the tone of your home. Some examples of the different options include

  • Frosted glass
  • Coloured glass for that WOW factor
  • High gloss
  • Timber, metal or frameless surrounds
  • Mirrored panels

Not keen on all glass? Kind of like the existing design in your house but feel as though it could use a little tweaking to make it perfect? You could always choose the option of a mix of timber with glass cutouts for that modern, clean lines look. Or have only one of the panels as the glass wardrobe doors Sydney, and the other a differing but corresponding finish that best suits or complements the existing style in your home.

Glass wardrobe doors Sydney are available as sliding or hinged panels or doors. If you have something specific in mind you may wish to talk to a professional about having a custom design made to your specifications. Changing a few wardrobe doors within the premises is a way to add cohesiveness to the location that may have otherwise been missing.

Choosing glass for the doors, or mirrors are an effective way to add brightness to a room and create a larger impression of space. The last thing you want in an already dark room is more heavy timber or dark colours draining even more light out. This lack of light can easily be resolved by choosing light reflecting colours and the use of glass in your furniture and fittings selections.

Custom Wardrobes In Your Home

Does any of the following strike a chord with you?

You’re struggling for space and feeling like you’re overrun with items that you just can’t find a home for, no matter how many times you spring clean?

Your informal lounge area has turned into a crazy kids play area and what you’d love, more than anything, is a place to have the toys to return each evening? And then you could feel like your home is ordered and peaceful after the chaos of the day?

Your home has wardrobes but they’re not really designed for the purposes you need them for, so end up being a little redundant?

The cupboards in the bedroom have too much hanging space and absolutely no room for anything else, let alone your shoe collection?

Your home doesn’t seem to suit readymade wardrobes but you could really use some extra storage space in one of the little nooks or crannies in your home?

You would probably benefit from checking into custom wardrobes. Custom Built In Wardrobes are built with you, your family, your needs, desires and requirements in mind. Imagine not having to worry about accurate measurements and if you’ll be able to open the doors or move freely if you buy that particular wardrobe and put it in that particular spot?

Custom wardrobes can work around the available space in your home to utilise those dead areas, maximise the potential of your space and solve a storage issue to help your home run more smoothly, and your space feel more like your own. If you have a particular purpose in mind (shelves in the study, drawers in the bedroom cupboard, walk-in robe for the lady in your life…) you can get the professionals to tailor make your wardrobe so you’ll never be cursing and digging at the back of a thousand things again. (Well, maybe. Custom wardrobes are not self-tidying. But they should help you with your organisational dramas.)

Another plus of custom wardrobes is that you are able to tailor the look of the wardrobe to fit into the style of the current furniture in the room or home for a seamless finish.

Custom wardrobes can be created and installed into existing spaces, new homes, newly renovated homes or of course shops and businesses. And they don’t have to have an enormous price tag to match.

Built in Wardrobes Sydney – Top Tips

Here are some top tips to get the most out of your built in wardrobes Sydney.

  • A wardrobe will work more effectively when it’s well organised. As tempting as it is to cram everything in, pile upon pile, this is not a long term sustainable option and it’s more than likely things will be difficult to locate them when you really need them.
  • It’s worth customising your wardrobe to make it appropriate for the use you have in mind. If you need lots of hanging space, consider adding an extra rail down lower in your built in wardrobes Sydney. Particularly for the men who typically only need half the height of the wardrobes for their suits, shirts and jackets to be hung. Built in wardrobes Sydney for kids? You may wish to have more drawer space for all those little tshirts and shorts that can take over an open, unstructured space.
  • Never put something you use frequently at the back behind a whole lot of other things. Even it’s an awkward size or shape. If you use it frequently, even if it looks better tucked away at the back, you need to house it where it’s easy to get your hands on it.
  • Clean out regularly. This perhaps is the most important point, because if you’re cleaning out regularly hopefully your built in wardrobes Sydney is not getting overrun by items that you don’t actually need, or use. Donate them to friends, sell them on ebay, pop them into a charity shop, or toss them out. Whatever works best for you, just go for it! Although it’s not the most fun of jobs (maybe for some it is, but surely not the majority), ignoring it does not make it any better, or go away, so regularly clear outs make the task seem less insurmountable. You may need a rule for yourself to avoid sentimentality if you’re prone to hoarding. If you haven’t used it for at least two years it should probably go. And if you didn’t notice you hadn’t seen it for two years and didn’t miss it at all, it should definitely go!
  • It’s possible to add little drawers, hooks, shoe racks or boxes to make your built in wardrobes Sydney more organised. A job worth doing is worth doing well and you’ll thank yourself for it later when you can always get your hands on everything you need!

Wardrobe Doors Sydney – Wow Up Your Home Without The Effort!

Much like anything, a finishing touch can make all the difference in the world. Have you watched many of those home improvement shows? Quite often the home’s exterior or interior is solid, it’s just suffering aesthetically from years of neglect or wear and tear (or uncaring tenants…)

If you haven’t seen a program such as this, here is a brief summary for you. Disgusting old house, bought at a bargain (hopefully) price, overhauled completely and then resold or leased out. Some of the rooms might have been a real disgrace, nearly seeming unlivable. But strip back the surface, such as the cupboard doors in the kitchen, and the base is actually in serviceable condition. With minimal costs (hopefully, those that can’t manage their budget and get carried away are a story for another time) the home ends up being transformed. And so often it’s just the little things that have the biggest impact.

This could easily be applied locally. Take wardrobe doors Sydney for example. How many wardrobe doors Sydney look like they’re suffering massively from neglect? Actually, in order to make a real difference to the look of the home, simply replacing the wardrobe doors Sydney with a newer version could rectify that situation with a minimum of fuss and hassle?

If you’re keen to keep up with trends, or maybe you haven’t done anything to your home since your now adult children were babies, you can bring your home into the modern era by replacing the wardrobe doors Sydney with brand spanking new ones in a modern style. Done and dusted.

Overhauling your furniture? Want a new look room to match the new gear? Paint job (don’t forget the window frames, that’s always a bit of a giveaway) and new wardrobe doors Sydney is a simple, straightforward and cost effective way of feeling like you’re in a brand new home – without the hassle of moving, of course!

Wardrobe doors Sydney could easily solve a pesky furniture arrangement issue – you could alter the way the door opens, or how it opens, for a more user-friendly option. If you feel like you could benefit from that extra tall boy or a beside table but the wardrobe doors Sydney open outwards just that bit too much? Why not have new doors built that slide?

An easy solution for an aesthetically delightful finish to your home. Whatever your taste.