Designing the Perfect Bedroom

shutterstock_137515322Bedrooms are the silent space that speaks volumes about you. What’s nice is that they are a room just for you; or for you and your partner. No one else needs to go in there, and they rarely do. This space is yours. The bedroom is also the space to welcome intimacy and relaxation in your life. Simplicity and grace in design help to create this invitation.

The latest bedroom designs opt for a minimalist approach. Less is more. Bedrooms should be light, airy, and spacious to give you a sigh of relief as soon as you enter. “Ahhhh. Yes, I want to rest here”. That’s the response we’re looking for.

Overall, design trends focus on being light and airy, modern, elegant, and romantic.


Natural lighting during the day is preferred. However, at night, mood lighting is mandatory. For some, hotel-style lighting and design is becoming the preferred style in the bedroom. While people who travel incessantly want to escape from this look, some enjoy the simplicity and elegance that is offered by implementing hotel-style designs in the home.

No clutter

Clutter is banned. Creating extra storage space, and designing with a minimalist approach, ensures that the room’s design hides everything away. Built in robes and drawers or pull out drawers hidden beneath the bed provide additional storage space for books and extra bedding. We want clean lines and an air of simple elegance.

Add artistic flair

shutterstock_217639438Create a splash of colour with art.  Whether it’s a design on the floor, the quilt, a bed throw, cushions, or an artwork painted directly on the wall, art provides an element of sophistication and catches the eye. Your budget will determine what you can choose. Artwork painted directly on the wall can be more expensive. If you cannot afford this, art on a cushion or two will add extra creativity to transform your bedroom.


Style and sophistication in the bedroom can be created by the consistency of focussing on a particular theme.

  • Rustic – use raw timbers for the bed, bedhead, and side tables. Add a chest at the end of the bed to provide a stylish yet natural look. Add some elements from nature like plants to create a relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom.
  • Moroccan – allow your imagination and dreams to travel to an exotic location. African elements create an atmosphere that takes you to another world. Curtains, bed throws, blankets, drapes, pouffes, lamps, cushions, a rug and African artworks or prints help create a Moroccan feel.
  • Black and white – possibly with some grey thrown in, black and white continues to hold a classic elegance. Black and white makes a bold statement in its own right, both stylish, sophisticated, and simple. Add warmth with lighting.
  • Botanical – taken directly from nature, a botanical theme connects you elegantly with the outdoors. Highlights on your quilt covers, curtains, all work to help your room design blossom.
  • Nothing like a Dane – the Danish design is still in. Think clean cut, simple, straight lines, low beds and no clutter.

Remember, you will be spending a lot of time here, albeit mostly asleep. The most important feature of all, no matter what design you choose, is to feel that being in this room will relax and comfort you. Here, in the bedroom, you connect to your soul. Rest well.